In Zeppelinhellas we believe in a long term relationship with our customers.

Our main goal is to provide innovative and exciting games to support the repeatability to the indoor playgrounds and trampoline parks.

Our team is dedicated to providing products on a budget, on time.


Indoor playground “PIOU PIOU” Athens

Stamatiou Manolis – Managing director

Basketball interactive game gave us the ability to offer fun and excitement to our facility. I was sceptical when the company promised to help me improve the repeatability, but I was overwhelmed by the results. It had a great impact on our indoor playground. Children love using the game, by incorporating agility, sports performance and we have a positive effect on our business.

“Ionathan” indoor playground Athens

Roimpas – business owner

We decided to install the interactive games climbing walls with reflex pods. They offer endless options and possibilities. Children of all ages and fitness levels love the competition, climbing up to switch off the lights. This is an innovative technology game that gave us an enormous advantage. Clients love the reflex pods and end up smiling at the end of every session.


“Wizz Playground” Athens riviera

Konstantinidis Pantelis -General Manager

Zeppelinhellas team were professionals. They helped me create my own playground business. It’s really beautiful and really well designed.

We have increased revenue by 30% since using interactive game reflex pods and basketball. With the products robust functionality, great customer service, and partnership, we feel supported as we grow to meet our business models.