Basketball Interactive Game

Basketball Interactive Game: An interactive game ideal for trampoline parks, and family entertainment centers that test your stamina, skills, and speed. Watch the players shoot the balls through the hoop.
Your objective is to score as many points before the time runs out.  Pulsing lights and cheering audio create an enjoyable game, thus adding a new dimension of fun to the participants.

Players try to make a game-winning shot in a high-pressure situation. Also, the basketball hoop integrates a unique ring color sensor that counts the shots for up to three players. Play your favorite around the world, firing squad, or knock out to test your ability. When visitors step into the shooting arena, they will experience the most innovative and immersive concept in the world. The more fun kids have played the game, the more likely they’ll want to return for more.

Skill development

The shooting arena works with players on basketball fundamentals and skills and improves shooting and rebounding. In addition, it improves a player’s stamina and endurance.

Above all, the basketball interactive game is easy to use and can be installed in a new area as well as in an existing one (playground–trampoline parks). Can be played individually or in a group of two or three. Perfect for families and friends. An interactive basketball shooting arena is a very cost-effective way to enable children to experience physical play.

Basketball Shooting Arena:

You can train your skills to perfection on the basketball hoop and feel like an NBA star. The shooting arena is bound to keep you entertained for hours, regardless of whether you are visiting for a family day out or a team-building trip. Set your indoor playground or trampoline park apart from the competition as it is a totally different game. All our products are preassembled from the factory to ensure all safety requirements are considered.

UV special effects:

Fluorescent UV lighting makes basketball glow in gorgeous colors. Our experienced and highly skilled artists can design and complete spray-painted artwork to any theme of your preference. We can offer a variety of different themed attractions.

Basketball Interactive Game minimum required space: 3.60m wide X 5.00m length X 4.60m height.


How it works:

  • Press the start button, and the 2-minute game starts.
  • Each player has a basketball in the colour red, green, and blue as the ring sensor recognizes the ball’s colour.
  • When you score a point the backboard led light flashes, and the sound of success is heard.
  • The score is displayed on the scoreboard in a specific player’s colour

Key Features:

  • Bright, durable three-colour scoreboard with timer
  • Built-in sound effects
  • Unique colour-ring sensor (sensing up to three different colour basketballs)
  • High score memory
  • Basketball hoop designed for heavy loads (up to 240 kg). According to DIN EN 1270.
  • We can supply safety floors in multiple thicknesses from 5mm to 9mm, wood look, in the P3 category. Posses excellent safety shock absorption and rebound performance. Durable and easy to maintain. Reduces the risk of injuries and premature fatigue. Force reduction (shock absorption)EN 14808 ≥ 25 %, friction coefficient  EN 13036-4 80 – 110 -Ball bounce  EN 12 235 ≥ 90 %
  • Customize the basketball backboard, and side panels to match the colours of your own company logo
  • Professional line marking
  • Huge area for bright, colourful branded artwork
  • Backboard safety padding. The backboard padding for basketball is in polyurethane and protects the lower part of the backboard, on its front side, backside and bottom side.
  • The game is supplied with real basketball balls size No5
  • DMX lights optional
  • Stereo sound with amplifier optional
  • Space: suitable for new indoor playgrounds- trampoline parks -arcade zones
  • Free trial on our premises



  • It boosts the physical condition of the players
    As a result, improves strength, agility, balance, and hand-eye-foot coordination.
  • Improves fitness
  • Helps to burn calories
  • Develops self-confidence
  • Lowers stress
  • Boost mental development
  • Encourages team spirit
  • Develops communication skills.
  • Competition
  • One of the main benefits of a basketball shooting arena is that customers do not have to take off their shoes to play basketball.
    In a basketball shooting arena, customers can play in their comfortable shoes, making the experience more enjoyable and accessible for a broader range of people.