Basketball Interactive Game

Basketball Interactive Game: An interactive game ideal for trampoline parks that tests your stamina, skills and speed. Watch the players shoot the basketballs through the hoop.
Your objective is to hoop as many balls before the time runs out.  Pulsing lights and cheering audio creates an enjoyable game, thus adding a new dimension of fun to the participants. In addition, you can transform the game into Volley activity. Above all, the basketball interactive game is easy to use and can be installed in a new area as well as in an existing one (playground–trampoline parks). Can be played individually or in a group of two. Perfect for families and friends.

Basketball Zone:

You can train your skills to perfection on the height-adjustable basketball hoop and feel like an NBA star. Set your indoor playground or trampoline park apart from the competition.

Basketball Interactive Game-Game Dimensions:

85cm Tall, 60cm wide, 45cm deep. Please consider extra space for playing sides.

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How it works:

  • Press the start button and the 2-minute game starts.
  • When you score the light flashes and the ‘sound of success’ is heard.
  • The score is recorded on the scoreboard.

Key Features:

  • Bright durable scoreboard with timer
  • Built-in sound effects (speaker)
  • Dual scoreboard
  • Timer display
  • two-minute game
  • Bright success goals
  • Bright, colourful branded artwork
  • Adjustable height
  • Game is supplied with lightweight balls
  • Simple setup and installation


  • It boosts the physical condition of the players
    As a result, improves strength, agility, balance and hand-eye coordination.
  • Challenge
    It integrates defence and attack into a collaborative game, for that reason promotes tactics.
  • Competition
    Challenge to win against the opposing team, therefore cooperation is essential.
  • Graphics that are customized
    Customize the targets to match the colours of your own company logo.
  • Handy
    The start button starts the game for two minutes with a single touch and a cheerful sound.
  • Space
    Suitable for new indoor playgrounds – trampoline parks or existing ones.