Multisport Arena

Multisport Arena: Football or basketball in a playground? Now it is possible thanks to Zeppelinhellas multisport arena.

Do you want to attract children of all ages at your playground? You can place a multi-sport arena where football and basketball kids can play together. Parents play as well.

The specially designed structure with fences and safety net, give children and adults the possibility to play football and basketball, while the younger children enjoy their time in the play structure. You can place it as a different game or integrated into a play structure.

The fences in the arena make sure that the balls keep within the arena to guarantee a safe environment around the arena. Safety floor is always recommended and to use synthetic grass give an original look. Safety is one of the most important values for your playground!

Multisport Arena: a custom-made arena for you

The multi-sport arena is available in any size. On request, Zeppelinhellas can design a custom-made arena for you.
Our multisport arenas its a perfect solution for any indoor outdoor playground which would like to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage kids to be more active. Kids love to run, jump, spend time with their friends especially when it is sunny outside. Practising sports from an early age will benefit in later stages of anyone’s life. A public park or outdoor area would benefit from such innovation as well. Football and sport, in general, brings people together, creates local communities and fulfil the need for personal connection. Being outdoor is good for anyone’s mental health, it brings calmness and helps to relax. People spend a lot of time walking, running and just enjoying being outside. In our company, you could find many different sizes and types of soccer ring with or without a basketball basket.
You can now integrate an interactive game to provide excitement and challenge.