Soft Play

Watching our children take on challenges and learn new skills is extremely rewarding, so finding ways to support them through this time can be of great joy for parents.

It may be of surprise to you that one of the greatest ways to encourage your child’s development is through soft play.  It gives children the opportunity to experiment with movement and social interaction in a safe and comfortable environment.

Benefits for children:

Soft play gives children the opportunity to develop motor skills. They are designed to support children during the development of key motor skills, including walking, climbing, navigating around obstacles and crawling. These motor skills are necessary for later life so it’s important that children have the opportunity to practice them from a young age with the support of their peers.

Soft play creates a safe environment for children.

When children start trying to climb over sofas and up the stairs, it is because they are experimenting with the motor skills that will guide them through life. However, no parent wants their child to hurt themselves, which can be a big concern in houses and buildings that aren’t designed with young children in mind. These areas are nicely cushioned with rounded corners and no sharp objects, so your little one can climb to their heart’s content without the risk of getting hurt.

Soft play gives children the chance to develop social skills.

Whether your child enjoys soft play games at a local family entertainment centre, they certainly won’t be the only child enjoying the area. This is a great opportunity to encourage your little one to interact with others and to make friends, as it’s a relaxed environment where children can work together to build tunnels, walls and bridges.
All family entertainment centres have an entire room dedicated to young children, giving the opportunity to have fun in a safe and relaxed environment.
You can fill the toddler area with different soft play animals. You can also design your toddler area in themes like jungle, forest, pirate theme, sea theme or whatever your imagination thinks.

We manufacture many soft shapes, soft play animals, safety pads, with high-quality foam and PVC hand-painted water-based.

Our range is ideal for toddler areas, indoor playgrounds. Soft play animals help children’s development through imaginative play.

They can interact with the animals by riding on top and play scenarios with it. Suitable for children aged two and over.

They are easy to clean.