Climbing Volcano

Climbing Volcano: Zeppelin Hellas introduces the exciting climbing Volcano activity. It is always a good idea to upgrade your indoor playground. Climbing and sliding is the main purpose of the entertainment.

Our volcanos are available in 90 degrees and 180 degrees type, require minimum 2,20m height, plastic grips special designed enable children to climb safely to the top. There is always a safety floor around the Volcano area. We provide two options for slides either stainless steel or tube slide.

Furthermore, you can choose the theme on Vinyl to create an attractive child-friendly environment.

An activity that can be added to existing playgrounds and combined with the unique Zeppelin Hellas slide from deck height of two meters. We provide two sizes, each with different slides. In addition, interactive games like reflex pods can be integrated, therefore volcano will be a unique experience.

Without a doubt, it is a valuable and affordable activity you can install on any existing play area.