Toddler Area: Creating a separate area for the little visitors between zero to four years old is a good solution for your playground. The little children can play safely and discover their environment without getting disturbed by the older children. Also the parents can keep an eye on their children while they are playing. Safety is one of zeppelinhellas core values, but also stimulation of motor skills and fun are important cornerstones of your playground!

A toddler area is an easy place for parents to connect with their children. Children will feel safe and will interact with their parents and other children.

All the elements in a toddler area are made of soft materials so toddlers can play safely and develop themselves.

Toddler areas are often filled with soft play elements, slides and ball pools. zeppelin hellas has a wide offer of play elements. You can also choose to make your toddler area fully themed in jungle, forest, ocean and farm theming.