Indoor playground manufacturers

Discover the most exciting and unique indoor playground equipment

Indoor playground manufacturers

Discover the most exciting and unique indoor playground equipment

Zeppelin Hellas

Equipment, design & construction of playgrounds

During the past 25 years, we design and innovate indoor playgrounds, trampoline parks, interactive games. Zeppelin Hellas is your right-hand partner while creating your own indoor playground, play structure, toddler area, trampoline park all over Europe. At Zeppelin Hellas, we can support you every step on the way by using years of experience to create happy kids!

If you want to start your own playground, fitness park, you are looking for an extension for your existing playground or enable interactive games, this is the right company. At Zeppelinhellas, our personnel can help you create the playground you want and need. Contact a Zeppelin representative today to start talking about your needs and how our safe and top-quality play solutions can help you appeal to kids of all age, keeping families coming back to your playground again.  We offer an attractive product at a reasonable price. Considering the fact that many of indoor playgrounds were closed, our research and development department managed to innovate new interactive games which will lead to further growth for trampoline parks.

Playground Theming

Themed playgrounds can be both fun and exciting, plus inspire children’s imagination. Zeppelinhellas offers the most creative and reasonably priced theming in the industry.

In themed play , children are immersed in a different universe which ignites their imagination. Our sculptors use many forms of media to create truly exceptional pieces. We craft our projects from foam fibreglass and polystyrene using any material will best complement your design concept.

Our professional design team will develop a concept that suits your needs. Theming is to look unique from the rest and to provide a competitive advantage.

Upon completion of the project, we will provide all support you need ensuring maximum profits.

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Interactive Games

Interactive games for trampoline parks are more than just entertainment for children! Our interactive play systems offer both entertaining and educational games. These games stimulate not only the child’s imagination but also their motorists! Through interactive games, we’re pushing for a world where every kid has access to play and sport, especially in underserved communities.

Our Interactive game products vary from ballfallmania, air tubes, helicopter panel to our very own basketball IQ game technology. All interactive play systems offer high entertainment value, but the air tubes include an educational game developed by Zeppelinhellas software engineers. Children can play interactive games on different difficulties depending on their age.

Built-in sound effects, LED display screens with timer and scoreboard is a great innovation for your playground.

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