The Best Interactive games for trampoline parks are more than just entertainment for children! Our interactive HQ play systems offer both entertaining and educational games. These games stimulate not only the child’s imagination but also their motorists! Zeppelinhellas is delivering the next generation of interactive entertainment for people of all ages.

Our Interactive games vary from, shooting basketball arena, ballfallmania, interactive climbing wall to our very own air tubes technology. All interactive play systems offer high entertainment value, but the air tubes contain educational game developed by Zeppelinhellas software engineers. Children can play on different difficulties depending on their age. Through interactive games, we’re pushing for a world where every kid has access to play and sport, especially in underserved communities. With sport, kids have the opportunity to discover their own potential.

Built-in sound effects, LED display screens with timer and scoreboard is a great innovation for your playground.
Additional electronic game selection packages are continually being developed to enhance interactive games.
They are durable robust and backed up by a 12-month full-service warranty.

We are proud to announce the hottest new alternative: Our brand new product is UV Graphics.

Zeppelinhellas offers:

  • Blacklight climbing wall interactive
  • Basketball interactive game

With more than 10 years of experience in UV lighting, we can add glow in the dark to your trampoline park. Fluorescent UV lighting makes interactive games glow in bright colours and brings spectacular artwork on the surroundings.

You can see one of our projects HERE!