Climbing Walls

Climbing Walls: Do you also want smaller children to enjoy a climb on the active climbing wall? Zeppelin Hellas has designed special climbing walls. They are made of marine wood panels of 1,25m wide x 2,50 meter high. Net weight 25 kilos. We only use high-quality PU climbing holds with the abrasion-resistant surface. Polyurethane is a material highly resistant to tension and compression. Most important of all: It allows us to meet European Standards UNE EN-12572: 3.

We offer climbing walls in any colour and different themes. Custom theming is possible!

The climbing walls have certified safety floor underneath it to ensure safety. Our climbing walls can be connected to the reflex pods, an HQ play system designed by our software engineers. The Reflex pods are designed to take the user experience to the next level through interactive, scores, competitive modes and various rewards. You can integrate the interactive game reflex pods to attract attention and make the climbing walls more exciting. They are illuminated and touch-sensitive grips to get kids climbing. They use active play technology to offer children of all ages and fitness level, a fun and winning experience. Pods use a kid-friendly control panel,  to select games and difficulty level. The game selection covers single and two-player games. Designed for maximum experience, utilise a touch screen button and voice effects to guide the user. At the end of the game, score and winner is shown on a big dot matrix display.

  • Ideal for gyms, schools, indoor playgrounds, trampoline parks
  • Suitable for all ages, best for 6-20 years
  • Improves agility, balance, body energy, brain alert and concentration
  • Improves speed reaction
  • 8 illuminated interactive pods, 2 built-in games
  • See the score and countdown displayed on the screen
  • The interactive climbing wall can be used by up one player at one time in each panel
  • Reflex pods remain a game-changer
  • Helps to enhance repeatability
  • Generates fast R.O.I.
  • Helps to bring new customers
  • Encourage group visits
  • Allows operators to create challenges and give awards to bring in more customers
  • Keeps children and adults interested and entertained
  • Can be upgraded with different games in the future